High Limit Disability Insurance

Professional Athletes

Premier Advisors provides high limit coverage for professional athletes to financially protect against temporary or permanent disabilities. Each sport commands unique and complex contract features, but we provide a variety of flexible solutions to protect professional athletes. Types of coverage include draft protection, temporary disability protection, loss of value, contract guarantee, and future contract value.

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Physicians and Surgeons

Premier Advisors developed The Physicians & Surgeons High Limit Disability Plan to meet the specific needs of high-income earners.  As income increases, the issue and participation limits of traditional disability insurance carriers begin to decrease. To solve this, we designed The Physicians & Surgeons Plan to layer with other disability policies and provide sufficient income protection for high-income earners.

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Premier Advisors designed Multi-Life High Limit Disability to cover a group of highly compensated employees when they face complications getting coverage elsewhere. Our coverage protects numerous employees from a severe loss of income in case of a disability.

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Group/Multi-Life (Guaranteed Issue Income Protection)

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